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about the writing process Oct 16th


I’m now up to 70,000 words on my second book. The goal will be to get to about 110,000 words I think; but this does not mean that I am two-thirds of the way done.

For wisdom on this, I go to Winston Churchill.

Once I do get to 110,000 words, when I have written the whole thing out, I will begin the process of editing, which for me will mean re-writing it about a hundred times.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is the term for the second book. It will be set in a certain time and place,and there will be a high standard for accuracy as to what it would have felt like to be there then.  For me, this means placing the events, characters and plot in Nepal, since I have done a lot of research already. Does that surprise you?

The Civil War in Nepal

The story will take place during the recent civil war, with especial attention to the battle of Beni in 2003.

Collectivist culture

a theme that runs throughout is the tendency of Nepali people to do things in groups. Every time anything happens, a crowd gathers. If something is going to happen, people will gather a crowd. Exactly who is in the crowd, or not, is a very interesting question. People are defined according to the crowd to which they belong.


well, no. Not erotica, per se. But there will be a plot that involves romance. I think this will engage the reader. To write a passage describing romantic attraction between characters, has been a lot of fun so far. I need to become a better writer.

The Title?

has been chosen. It is “The Sacrament of the Goddess”  which refers to an episode in the book. Many of the key characters of the book are Buddhist, and the Goddess in question is Green Tara.


This not simply writing a story, it involves study and research. I have used the internet extensively for research. I use the notes from my four trips to Nepal. I have hired a guy in Nepal to do some specific research for me. I expect that I still will be working on this in summer 2013, and so I will visit some of the locales mentioned in the book and interview some people.

stay tuned!


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