About Catch-Up

A short video that tells you all you need to know about me.

click here to go to the eight-minutes. It will be worth your while.

On the Appalachian Trail you dont use your real name.

My real name: Joe Niemczura.

My “trail name” is Catch-up.  At each lean-to there is a log book, and I use the nickname when I make an entry. I always use the logbook, it will make it easier for them to find my body.

Also, I wear a bright red t-shirt, with the design as in the picture below. I currently own four of these, but I don’t take all of them with me.

This is how you will know it is me

How did you get started with “Catch-Up?” First and foremost, I believe in the Heinz product. 🙂 In 2004 I got my first red -T-shirt as a subtle way to show support for Teresa Heinz Kerry, who was taking flak  during the 2004 Presidential campaign about her accent. Soon I noticed a funny thing – this t-shirt attracts attention more than any other I have ever owned. Strangers feel comfortable talking with me, in a way most people only experience when they are walking a dog or with small children. I always have a couple of these in my closet.

On the Trail  as a Trail Name  it’s fun.

how to contact me You will be able to send email – joeniemczura@gmail.com

I bring my trusty Blackberry with me. I can get emails, texts, FB postings, comments on this blog,  and phone calls. I only turn it on for short periods each day to preserve batteries. There are no recharging outlets in the williwacks. Usually any given ountaintop has good reception. To communicate this way brings back the romance and adventure of travel. People pay a lot of money for something I will enjoy for free.

Eagle Scout

This sort of thing makes me rely on skills I learned back in the 1960s. I got my Eagle Scout.in 1969. Algonquin Council, B.S.A.  I can still recite the Scout Oath etc.  I learned a lot from the Scouting experiences but I have a confession to make: when given the choice, I prefer camping with girls. (women, actually) Sorry about that guys – I am simply not into doing this to “conquer the wilderness” or any such foolishness.

I was awarded Bugling Merit Badge, among others. At Summer camp, I was the official bugler. That meant attending the flag raising team whenever they raised or lowered the American Flag. I did not play “Reveille” – but I have a story to tell. Our summer camp promoted the idea of singing as a means of esprit du corps. In the summer of 1969, a college-aged counselor with a sense of humor decided to teach the whole camp (300 boys and men) to sing Irving Berlin’s WW I hit, “Oh How I hate to get up in the morning.”  I was a star!


I have gone on these hikes because it is relaxing for me and fun. Hiking is a form of walking meditation.  – breathe in – breathe out – repeat –


I am sure I will be posting my daily miles as this trip progresses, but mileage has never been what it is about for me. I take a daily mid-afternoon nap. If something interesting happens in the realm of natural history, I stop until my curiosity is satisfied.

Foot Care

I never miss a chance to dip the tootsies into the water.


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This planet is smaller than it used to be. You can communicate with me no matter where I may wander. keep those cards and letters coming

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