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Koko Head RR “hike” April 28th

Brief entry.

still working out the kinks in my knee. took the “hike” up Koko Head yesterday.  It’s really a steep walk, straight up. In afternoon it is under a blazing sun. it was 85 degrees yesterday.

eastern side of Oahu overlooking channel to Molokai

the zipper-like line is the former funicular railway bed, used as a Cardio workout by the locals

There is actually a hike listed in the guidebook which goes up the east side of Koko Head, but not as popular. the climb is about a thousand feet, there are 1,048 railroad ties to climb. I did not count as I went along. couple hundred people on this trail, including runners who went full speed up and down. I don’t have quite the confident to place my feet. I used my hiking poles, one of the few who had them. Nice view from the summit also included a look at Sandy Beach. There is an old helipad on the top. Overall, my knee felt the best it has been in  awhile, I am very encouraged.  took a long soak in the tub when I got home.



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Kuliouou Trail April 22 2012 hike

continued on the idea of daily hiking. still using the poles, and going slow. The knee is still tender but I am paying extra attention to the mechanics of walking. It was cool ( 60s?) and very windy, which actually made for delightful hiking weather.


It’s like “mindful walking”

There is a terrific website that describes many of the trails here.

I started at the parking lot and got to the picnic table, my objective. started at 250′ elev and ended at about 1100′ elev = 850′ change, which is respeckable.  Been to the top before but it’s much steeper and requires pulling yourself up using a fixed rope at times. Last time I got covered in mud.

Mud is a fact of life in Oahu hiking.  I am being cautious. got home and soaked my legs in a hot bathtub for half an hour.

Accompanied by Shama Thrushes most of the way, including a pair that seemed to be “courting.”  Shama Thrushes are an introduced species to Oahu. Beautiful song.

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