Frequently Asked Questions

why do you have three different blogs?

because they are about three different things, and WordPress says you get better search engine results if you are focused – if your tags make sense. I am an eclectic person. The people interested in my work in Nepal don’t necessarily want to read about the Dixieland Band I play in, and the people in nursing education aren’t interested in backpacking.  I apologize if it’s confusing.

who is Joe Sar?

Joe Sar is what the Nepali nursing students called me, they have funny way to pronounce “sir.” I have had many nicknames but this one is honorific and was bestowed upon me by people I love and respect, so it is one of my favorites.

Where exactly are you walking?

I will be spending as much time as possible on the Appalachian Trail in the eastern USA, as I can. This is a continuous footpath  from Georgia to Maine, 2,170 miles in length.  I hope to do as much of it as I can.

How long?

I am very fortunate that the University teaching job gives me the summers to do these things. Four of the past five summers I have spent in Nepal; in summer 2010 I joined my younger daughter for part of her through-hike of the A.T., which reignited my love of backpacking.  The last day of faculty duty is May 15th;  I will be back in Honolulu for fall semester 2012 around August 5th,  though the semester starts a bit later than that.

can you blog from the Trail?

I will try. there are sections which are not in cell tower range. I will not bring my laptop; but will rely on my BlackBerry to upload stuff.


2 responses to “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Joe: We are 5 miles from the trail, no lie. I expect you to stop by, I really do. Or to arrange for us to meet you, if leaving the trail is not allowed on your trek. But if you are in VA on the trail, having just crossed the Shenandoah and Potomac, near Harpers Ferry, you are here. Even if you’re further west in the Blue Ridge, we will find you. Then again, maybe you mean to stay a lot further north.

    • Izzy –

      So nice to hear from you! If I get that far I will be a happy boy! But yes, I am planning to hike the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. I section-hiked Shenandoah National Park in 2010 and loved that piece.



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